Learning objects Energy from the Sun


Use the Sun's energy to cook food. Select design settings for a solar cooker: shape, direction and surface. Or select design settings for a solar oven: cover, insulation and lining. Choose variables to reach temperatures needed to cook food such as chicken, pasta and bread. This learning object is a combination of four objects in the same series.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students recognise that the Sun is a source of renewable energy.
  • Students identify surfaces that will absorb or reflect heat.
  • Students compare heat retention and insulation properties of a range of materials and container covers.
  • Students compare the concentration of solar energy captured using a range of orientations and concavity of surfaces.
  • Students compare the results of different simulations to determine the best design for a solar cooker and solar oven.
Educational value
  • Provides an introduction about using the Sun for renewable energy.
  • Shows that three key design features for a solar oven are cover, insulation and lining.
  • Shows that three key design features for a solar cooker are shape, direction and surface.
  • Prompts students to change each design variable and observe the effect on cooking temperature.
  • Allows students to test their solar oven and cooker designs on a variety of foods.
  • Provides scaffolded feedback on how well the student’s design suits the type of food being cooked.
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  • science
  • Science/Earth and space sciences
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    • Science/Light
    • Science/Absorption
    • Science/Energy - reflection
    • Science/Energy transfer
    • Science/Energy transformation
    • Science/Reflection
    • Science/Sun
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    • Visual learning

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