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TLF ID L9973

Test your understanding of the arguments concerning a community issue. Help a local council decide on a development proposal. Look at an old footbridge that may be replaced by a larger, modern bridge. Talk to people in the local community to find out their opinions. Restate the reasons given for and against the proposal for a new bridge. Reach a conclusion about what the community wants. Build a presentation including examples of community opinion. View and print a report of your results. This assessment object is one in a series of two objects.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students explore the purpose, audience and context for a discussion text.
  • Students identify whether statements are for or against a proposal.
  • Students shape and edit written and visual elements to create a discussion text as a presentation.
  • Students produce a discussion text to present arguments for both sides of a social issue.
  • Students know and use visual grammar (including salient elements of images) to attract the attention of an audience.
Educational value
  • Assesses student understanding of a range of opinions on social, economic and environmental aspects of an issue.
  • Provides opportunities to construct and revise a discussion text on a community issue.
  • Models the structure of a discussion text and provides sample statements.
  • Features a simulated notebook and camera to record text and images.
  • Includes a printable report of the student's performance.
Year level

6; 7; 8

Learning area
  • english
  • English/Language
  • English/Literacy
    Student activity
    • Interactives;
    • Analysis;
    • Modelling;
    • Comprehension activity

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