Teacher guide Felice Beato's Japan: places - an album by the pioneer foreign photographer in Yokohama, 1860s-70s

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This is a collection of online materials focusing on an album of 50 photographs of scenes in Japan in the late 1860s or early 1870s. It was compiled by photographer Felice Beato. The materials consist of an illustrated essay by Associate Professor Allan Hockley and five different ways of viewing the photographs and their original captions (see dropdown menu under Felice Beato's Japan: places). Teachers are advised to preview the images in this collection as a few may be disturbing.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This collection provides primary and secondary sources valuable for historical studies of Japan in the period after the opening of the country to the West. It is most useful for history in year 9, particularly for the elective depth study of Asia and the world. It is also of value in years 11 and 12 Modern History, particularly for an overview of Japan from the Meiji Restoration to 1905. The photographs could also be of use for the year 8 depth study of Shogunate Japan.
  • The collection contains numerous views of Edo (Tokyo), Yokohama and Nagasaki and the areas around them. The most numerous are of Edo with 16 images. Although containing numerous errors and misconceptions, the photographs' captions are also significant. They reveal aspects of Japanese locations and culture as viewed through the eyes of Western imperialists.
  • The highlight of this collection is the various ways in which Beato's photographs and original captions are presented. They allow students to gain an overview or examine the photographs and text in great detail.
  • The illustrated essay is also available as a separate resource complete with its own specific description of educational value. In general, the essay shows how a historian puts forward ideas and supports them with rich visual sources. It assists students' understanding of historical evidence. 
Year level

8; 9; 10; 11; 12

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