Image Aboriginal artefacts from north-western New South Wales, 19th century

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This is a collection of 19th-century Aboriginal artefacts from north-western NSW, consisting of one unusual parrying shield, one rare lil-lil club, three incised boomerangs and two fluted fighting clubs.

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  • The three clubs featured are a type of club called a lil-lil, which was made and used only in eastern Australia and was a dangerous weapon in battle. The boomerang features an incised, scalloped design particular to southern Queensland, northern NSW and north-eastern South Australia. The parrying shield is from south-eastern Australia and is decorated with horizontal bands of blue pigment. The blue pigment is probably 'Reckitt’s blue'.
  • Indigenous groups across Australia have designs that are uniquely theirs and which, when presented in particular orders, make strong statements about group and personal identities. These 19th-century artefacts, with their high degree of intricate decoration particular to south-east Australia, are an important acquisition for this reason and because they originate from a region notoriously difficult to document with Indigenous material.
  • The objects were collected by a soldier known as 'Bozza' before the Boer War (1899-1902) and were found after his death at a house in Liverpool, NSW. These objects are fine examples of their types.
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