Image Harbour swimming, Manly, 1960

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This is a colour photograph depicting young children diving off a special apparatus at Manly Beach. The photograph was taken by Bill Brindle, who worked for the Australian News and Information Bureau. It is part of an online showcase called 'Summers Past'. Information about this particular item can be located in its educational resource page in the National Archives Virtual Reading Room (VRROOM).

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  • Australians have an enduring love of the sun and the sea. Making the most of the environment, Australians enjoy many recreational activities during the warmer months such as swimming and surfing or playing sports such as cricket and tennis. Others take their caravan on the road for a relaxing holiday, or even just stop for some fish and chips or an ice-cream.
  • The 'Harbour swimming, Manly, NSW' educational resource page on VRROOM offers links to a variety of resources about Australian forms of summertime recreation. These include archival collection items such as letters, documents and photographs. The page also provides links to relevant National Archives websites such as  'Summers Past'.
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