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This is a collection about Wolf Klaphake, a scientist and inventor who migrated to Australia from Germany in 1935 and was interned for four years during the Second World War. The collection is introduced by Klaphake's internment camp identity card, seen here, which links to a richly documented 'Uncommon lives' showcase entitled 'A doubtful character: Wolf Klaphake'. The showcase is reached via the educational resource page for the identity card in the National Archives of Australia's Virtual Reading Room (VRROOM).

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Educational value
  • 'A Doubtful Character: Wolf Klaphake' is part of the 'Uncommon Lives' showcase. It offers a wealth of sources and detailed analysis valuable for studying Klaphake's life, particularly his wartime internment and its effects. The showcase contains more than 50 primary sources such as letters and reports and ten secondary sources, including eight audio downloads from a play about his experiences.
  • The sources concentrate on three important themes: Klaphake's experience of internment; his efforts to prove he was not a Nazi threat to Australia and how these were received; and a historical overview of internment in Australia during the Second World War. A detailed timeline and lists of references and all records shown are also available, as well as a suggested range of websites. All these resources are useful for studies in the History and Civics and citizenship curriculum areas.
  • The showcase shows how historical text can be communicated effectively in the online environment. The National Archives of Australia has presented a detailed historical account and supported it with a comprehensive range of evidence.
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9; 10; 11; 12

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  • History
  • Civics and citizenship

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