Teacher guide Globetrotters' Japan: people - foreigners on the tourist circuit in Meiji Japan, 1890s - essay by Allen Hockley

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This is a collection of online materials that centre on a richly illustrated historical essay about how Japanese people were represented in photographs intended for the tourist (globetrotter) market of the late 1890s. Linked to various sections of the essay are a video, materials about places on the globetrotters' itinerary and 14 sets of photographs of specific groups of Japanese people.

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Educational value
  • This collection provides a wealth of resources for historical studies of Japan in the 19th century. Because many of the posed photographs in, or linked to, the illustrated essay by Allen Hockley were anachronistic even in the 1890s, this makes the visual aspects of the collection valuable for the year 8 history depth study into Shogunate Japan, particularly the late period in the 1850s and 1860s. The essay and associated images are also useful for the year 9 history depth study of the consequences of contact between Japan and the Western colonial powers.
  • The collection is also valuable for the development of visual literacy in the English curriculum. Most of the images seen in the collection are representations of 'traditional' Japanese people from the era before modernisation. The essay's analysis of how and why these globetrotter images were created much later in the 1890s adds considerable value.
  • Hockley is Associate Professor of Art History at Dartmouth College and his essay shows how a historian can use an online essay format to develop an argument and support it with rich visual evidence. Hockley discusses five major issues: picturing 'the Japanese'; representation and misrepresentation; urban and rural life; women, real and imagined; and media and messages.
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8; 9; 10; 11; 12

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