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Collections VisChem topic 6: molecular structure, shape and polarity

TLF ID M008657

This web page contains ten animations of molecules and compound ions as well as nine QTVR objects showing organic molecules. The animations rotate the molecules to show their structure fully. The QTVR objects can be manipulated by the user so that, as well as being rotated, different ways of modelling the molecules can be seen.

Educational details

Educational value
  • Animations allow the shapes of commonly encountered molecules and ions to be examined.
  • QTVR objects show a variety of structural formulas, ball-and-stick and space-filling models, electron cloud and polarity representations.
  • Some QTVR objects allow different conformations of alkanes to be examined.
  • Animations depict as authentically as possible the sizes, shapes, arrangements and atomic features of the particles.
  • Includes concise explanatory notes on important features of structure and VSEPR theory for each animation.
  • Animations can be played from the web page or downloaded and saved.
Learning area
  • Science

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