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This is an online interactive resource about ancient Egypt developed by the British Museum. The resource has ten sections: Egyptian life; geography; gods and goddesses; mummification; pharaoh; pyramids; temples; time; trades; and writing. Each section contains three elements: 'Story', 'Explore' and 'Challenge'. The 'Challenge' section comprises an interactive activity. Each element is presented in language suitable for mid-primary to early secondary students. The resource also contains a 'Staff Room' for teachers including lesson suggestions, worksheets and a glossary of key terms.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This multi-layered resource is a valuable student resource for the Ancient Egypt elective in the Mediterranean world depth study in year 7 history. It is directly relevant to all five content descriptions for the depth study. The 'Geography' section, particularly the maps in 'Explore', is especially useful as an introduction to the physical features of ancient Egypt such as the River Nile, and how they influenced the civilisation that developed there.
  • The resource covers the roles of key groups in ancient Egyptian society. Farmers and nobility appear in the 'Egyptian Life' section; architects and farmers in the 'Pyramids' section; scribes in the 'Trades' and 'Writing' sections; priests in the 'Time' and 'Temples' sections; and carpenters, jewellers, stonemasons, barbers and metal workers in the 'Trades' section.
  • The resource also supports the Historical Skills strand. The 'Explore' element of the 'Time' section, for example, contains a timeline of Egyptian history while the 'Challenge' section invites students to undertake a simple sequencing activity. In the 'Egyptian Life' section, students' investigation of primary sources (in this case the wall paintings in Nebamun’s tomb) is scaffolded by a series of simple questions.
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7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12

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  • Humanities and social sciences
  • History

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