Image Slave quarters of Abernathy House in Tuscumbia, 2010

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This is a colour photograph showing the slave quarters at the back of a house on Main St in the town of Tuscumbia in Alabama, USA. The derelict single-story wooden building was built in 1824. Three doors appear to lead into three separate rooms, presumably the slaves' quarters. The photograph was taken by Carol Highsmith in 2010.

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  • This photograph is an interesting source for the year 9 history depth study elective, Movement of peoples (1750-1901), which involves a study of the influence of the industrial revolution on the movement of peoples throughout the world, including the transatlantic slave trade. Not all slaves brought from Africa and their descendants worked on rural plantations. The slaves housed in these quarters were house servants working in a small town environment.
  • The long building seen here housed not only slaves. It also contained the kitchen and the smokehouse and was completely separate from the house because of the danger of fire. As was the usual practice, the slaves' rooms appear to contain few windows. The risk of fire for the slaves does not appear to have been considered.
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