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This is a colour photograph of marine scientist Dr Candida Savage taking samples from the ocean off Stewart Island, New Zealand. In the image, Dr Savage appears to be placing samples into microtubes and placing the microtubes into a microtube storage container. Dr Savage is sitting on a jetty by the ocean.

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  • Dr Candida Savage takes samples of marine organisms to obtain a better understanding of the ocean environment. She takes samples of plants and animals at different levels of the food chain. These samples are then taken back to the laboratory and analysed.
  • Obtaining samples of a range of organisms throughout the food chain provides information about the health of the ocean. It can show how marine life is being affected by changes to the marine habitat. Some plants and animals, such as seaweed and crabs, are particularly good indicators of water quality.
  • Dr Candida Savage is a marine biologist with an interest in the effects of humans on New Zealand's coastal environments. Her research includes studying how run-off from the land affects marine ecology. Dr Savage teaches marine science at the University of Otago in New Zealand.
  • There are many methods scientists employ to obtain samples of marine organisms. Marine plants and animals may be sampled using a range of different traps and nets, and also by hand collection. Water may also be sampled to obtain information about changes to nutrient levels and salinity.
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