Image Marine scientists preparing to scuba dive

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This is a colour photograph of a group of marine scientists preparing to scuba dive. The researchers are dressed in scuba diving gear including wetsuits, masks, fins and oxygen tanks. They are aboard a vessel in New Zealand's Fiordland.

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  • Scuba diving is an effective way for scientists to study marine environments and observe the behaviour of marine animals in their natural habitat. Diving enables scientists to get close to their subject and to take samples from more remote places. Many marine scientists are qualified scientific divers.
  • Marine scientists from the University of Otago, New Zealand, spend a great deal of time conducting research in the field. They are interested in understanding more about the marine ecosystem including: food webs; interactions between marine organisms and their habitat; and the effects of changes to the marine environment. Their study areas include the southern coast of New Zealand, Stewart Island and Fiordland.
  • Fiordland is a remote and pristine region on the south-western coast of New Zealand's South Island. Fiordland contains ten marine reserves, which were established to protect the unique ecosystems of the area and the high biodiversity of plants and animals found there. Fiordland is home to a distinct group of bottlenose dolphins, and also to large populations of black coral, sea stars, fish and sponges.
  • Scuba diving is a technique used by scientists and other professionals, and is also a recreational hobby. 'Scuba' stands for 'self-contained underwater breathing apparatus', and it is a type of underwater diving that allows the diver to breathe while submerged. Diving equipment includes a scuba set (consisting of breathing gas and regulators), goggles, swim fins and wetsuits.
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