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This is a collection of online materials developed by Museum Victoria about Masumi Hiraga Jackson, a Japanese migrant to Australia. The materials describe Masumi's decision to stay in Australia after the death of her husband in 1987, and look at how she immersed herself in Japanese cultural activities such as Noh theatre and doll making. The materials are organised into three sections: Masumi Hiraga Jackson; maintaining traditions; and objects of meaning. Each section contains informative text and an image gallery.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for history teaching and learning in years 6 and 10 about migration to Australia. It is particularly relevant for the year 6 content description about the stories of people who migrated to Australia, including those from Asian countries. It is also useful for the elective depth study'Migration experiences (1945 - present) in year 10.
  • The Maintaining traditions section of the resource provides a useful account of how immigrants such as Masumi have maintained their cultural traditions,of how these were not always accepted in Australia andof how traditions can be preserved relatively unchanged in immigrant societies when they may have evolved or disappeared in their countries of origin.
  • The images gallery and text in the Objects of meaning section provide introductory information about kimonos, Noh theatre, paper dolls and the Japanese tea ceremony. These cultural practices and traditions gain particular meaning when they are presented from Masumi's perspective.
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6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12

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  • The Arts
  • History

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