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This is a colour video clip in which marine ecologist Dr Candida Savage of the University of Otago in New Zealand talks about her work, what led her to it and why she enjoys doing it. She explains how her research involves a variety of experiences, requiring creativity and collaboration with other scientists in many different fields. Photographs and sequences of Dr Savage and other scientists at work are included.

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  • Ecologists are scientists who study how living organisms relate to each other and their physical surroundings. They investigate the organisms as part of populations and communities living together in complex ecosystems. Ecologists work in fields such as natural resource management, management of national parks and reserves, town planning and environmental assessment, and rehabilitation of mines.
  • An important aspect of the work of ecologists is the study of food webs and how matter and energy flow through communities. They investigate how organisms are adapted to their environment and how they are distributed within ecosystems. They also look at how ecosystems develop (ecological succession) and the biodiversity within them.
  • In her research work, Dr Candida Savage investigates coastal ecosystems, particularly in estuaries. She focuses on food webs and the effect of human activities on these communities, as well as the growth rates of organisms. Her work involves various activities, such as fieldwork, teaching and community service.
  • Ecologists, like most scientists, need to collaborate with experts in a variety of fields to complete their research projects. Some of the scientists they consult with include chemists, biogeochemists, earth scientists, climatologists, oceanographers, molecular biologists and computer modellers.
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