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This is a website rich in primary and secondary sources tracing the voyages of nine ships from Britain bound for the newly created province of South Australia between February and December 1836, and the experiences of those on board. The website contains extensive historical background, information about a range of topics including about the ships themselves, lists of those on board the nine ships, profiles of people involved in the venture, extracts from ships' logs and people's journals, and weekly posts of what occurred as their journey progressed. Additional resources support teachers in using the website with their students.

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Educational value
  • This is an essential resource for historical studies of the foundation of the colony of South Australia in years 5 and 9. It is highly relevant for content descriptions in year 5 about the economic, political and social reasons for the establishment of the British colony in South Australia and the personal reasons why emigrants (and the ships' crews) undertook such an astonishing venture.
  • This website brings together for the first time the writings of those on board, and they constitute a seminal resource for the year 9 elective depth study 'Movement of peoples (1750-1901)'. They provide rich and varied sources for the experiences of the free settlers on departure, during their journey and on arrival.
  • The link to topics related to the voyage in the weekly posts (top menu) is particularly useful for teachers of history. The 'school content' link in each weekly post opens a resource with a range of valuable pedagogical suggestions. These include inquiry questions, student research topics, activities related to each of the historical skills identified in the Australian Curriculum and 'What if?' scenarios.
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5; 6; 7; 8; 9

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  • History

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