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Text Voting: choosing your parliamentary representatives - unit of work

TLF ID M009440

This is a unit of work about the democratic process of voting to elect representatives. The unit includes four main activities in which students in groups work through scenarios where decisions are required and representatives need to be chosen. The groups also research and discuss concepts including secret ballot, compulsory voting, absolute majority and preferential voting, as well as taking part in a House of Representatives-style preferential vote. The unit is intended for the upper primary years and includes five sets of scenarios and student worksheets.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the civics and citizenship curriculum area. Understanding and being able to describe the general processes involved in elections is important for students to have achieved by the end of primary school. This unit aims to ensure that students can differentiate between different decision-making processes and voting systems, particularly between first-past-the-post and preferential voting systems.
  • The unit's suggested activities are challenging but appropriate for the intended learners in upper primary. They include categorising different types of decisions, discussing the fairness of decision-making methods, using a graphic organiser for arguments for and against compulsory voting and analysing election results for their House of Representatives electorate. Several sets of prompt questions for the teacher are also provided.
Learning area
  • Civics and citizenship

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