Teacher guide What sort of nation? - unit of work

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This is an extended unit of work about the sort of nation Australia was and is now, how immigration and economic factors have shaped the kind of nation we are, and the sort of country we want to be in the future. It comes from the 'Discovering democracy' series of units and is organised around five focus questions that are explored through sequences of learning with student activities and assessment tasks. Teacher notes, assessment criteria and selected sources are included in the resource.

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Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for history teaching and learning in year 10. Many of the unit's sequences of learning and student worksheets are directly relevant to the elective case study Migration experiences (1945-present), particularly to content descriptions about the effect of changing government policies on Australia's migration patterns and the contribution of migration to Australia's changing identity as a nation.
  • The learning activities that explore the focus question 'What responsibilities do individuals, communities and governments have for the welfare of Australian citizens?' are valuable for civics and citizenship in the middle secondary years. Not only do students explore the role of government in developing policy and formulating legislation but they also consider where the role of government ends and when individuals, groups and communities need to take responsibility.
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  • Civics and citizenship
  • History
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

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