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Learning objects Languages online: Indonesian section 23: favourite pastimes and pets

TLF ID M009697

This set of five interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces students to the ways to express simple invitations in relation to favourite pastimes, such as 'What shall we do …?'. In addition, students practise known words while talking about their favourite pets, colours and sports. Pronunciation exercises include a song, and are followed by comprehension activities with the expressions used in realistic exchanges. Instructions in English, immediate feedback and answers with translations are provided, as well as resources for teachers including additional printable activities and flashcards.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable interactive resource for Indonesian language learning at beginners level, and supports the Communicating and Understanding strands of the Australian Curriculum. The activities are suitable for mid-to-late primary and secondary school students.
  • Students are given opportunities to practise prior knowledge (words for pets and colours) in new contexts, and they can apply new expressions in meaningful exchanges about plans and invitations.
  • The resource enables students to practise pronunciation of some fundamental sounds and intonation in new language drills and also a song.
  • Audio support, answers and translations, flashcards and printable activities for teachers are included.
  • Students are offered independent as well as cooperative learning opportunities through some of the tasks in the printable worksheets.
Year level

2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8

Learning area
  • Languages other than English

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