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Learning objects Languages online: Indonesian section 32: modes of transport

TLF ID M009704

This set of ten interactive activities from the Languages online resource helps students practise basic vocabulary for 12 different modes of transport. The key language points are asking how you travel to a place, saying the transport you use and asking when a train departs (using 24-hour time) and, from a cultural perspective, Indonesian modes of transport are featured. Pronunciation and word-matching drills are followed by more challenging games and quizzes - one of which can be completed by two players competing against each other. Instructions in English, immediate feedback and answers with translations are provided, as well as resources for teachers including additional printable activities and a Learning focus page.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This interactive learning resource is a valuable student resource for Indonesian language teaching and learning and supports the Communicating and Understanding strands of the Australian Curriculum. Cultural insight is provided by showcasing traditional and contemporary Indonesian modes of transport. The activities are suitable for primary and secondary students.
  • The resource provides practise in the new vocabulary and structures in engaging activities that offer a variety of scenarios and text types including train timetables and town maps.
  • There are timed quizzes and games that make the tasks more engaging for the target audience, facilitating the retention of the main language points. Audio support, answers and translations, and additional printable activities for teachers are included.
  • Collaborative learning is encouraged with the additional printable activities including a survey and other cooperative classroom activities such as creating visual displays and using the internet to research Indonesian forms of transport.
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2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8

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  • Languages other than English

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