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Learning objects Gladiator: dressed to kill - game

TLF ID M011198

This interactive resource is a game about gladiators. The game tests students' knowledge about the combat dress of three different types of gladiators known as Murmillo, Retiarius and Hoplomachus. Each uses different weapons and armour. In the game students are required to prepare each gladiator for combat with the correct weapons and armour, racing against the clock. Clues are provided. After the game is completed students can read a description of each type of gladiator.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource is useful for addressing the Australian Curriculum: History content description in year 7 relating to the significant beliefs, values and practices of the ancient Romans in regard to gladiatorial fighting. It shows how gladiators were armed with deadly weapons and fought each other in a spectacle for the enjoyment of the public.
  • The resource is useful for the development of historical skills. Students identify a range of questions about the past to inform a historical inquiry into the role of gladiators in ancient Rome.
  • The resource may also make a contribution to students attaining the history achievement standards in year 7 in relation to the significance of particular individuals in society, such as gladiators, and has some relevance to the literacy capability and the critical and creative capability
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  • History

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