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Text Eric Bloodaxe

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This resource is about Eric Bloodaxe, a Viking legend and the last Viking king of Northumbria. It includes text and some images. The resource is organised under six topic headings: What's in a name?; Exile to England; Invader or guest?; Conquest and reconquest; The end of the story; and Find out more. The images are interposed in the text.

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Educational value
  • This resource is useful for addressing the Australian Curriculum: History content description in year 8 referring to the role of a significant individual in the expansion of Viking settlement and influence. Students learn that information based on coins and later sagas suggests that Eric left Norway and fled to England leaving the kingship of Norway to his brother, and became the last Viking King of Northumbria in 947 or 948.
  • The resouce is valuable as an example of analysis and use of sources. It raises questions about sources in the study of history. Students question the accuracy or reliability of sources, such as sagas, that are based on oral tradition and appeared decades or centuries after the events they describe. They draw conclusions about the usefulness of such sources.
  • The resource is useful in the development of historical skills. Students identify a range of questions to inform a historical inquiry about the influence of the last Viking king of Northumbria, Eric Bloodaxe.
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