Video Decimals and fractions

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This is a video demonstration of converting decimal fractions to simplified fractions. In the commentary, the presenter highlights the relevance of understanding and applying place value concepts, including the efficiency in initially interpreting the fractional part of the decimal fraction as a single fraction. Practice questions with answers are included and hints are available with onscreen text explanations.

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Educational value
  • The video, audio commentary and practice questions with solutions are useful for students who are developing their ideas about converting decimal fractions to fractions expressed in their simplest terms. Students are encouraged to develop their skills using the most efficient method.
  • The resource is of use in relation to the Australian Curriculum content descriptions in year 6 about comparing fractions and decimals by converting decimal fractions to simplified fractions.
  • Teachers will find the resource useful for providing students with reusable sets of practice questions and for observing students' understanding of place value and decimal fraction concepts.
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  • Mathematics

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