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This is an interactive resource about calculating the area of a shape presented on a grid. Students are presented with a random figure and are required to calculate its area, in square units. Immediate feedback is provided and the student can make repeated attempts if a question is not answered correctly. The additional features of the resource allow the shapes to be limited to rectangles, show an outline to serve as a hint in determining the area of a shape, and allow multiple users on different computers to work on the same problem.

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Educational value
  • This interactive resource is useful for the Australian Curriculum content description in mathematics and can contribute to students attaining those elements of the achievement standard in year 4 about comparing the areas of regular and irregular shapes using informal units.
  • The resource is useful for providing students with the opportunity to practise calculating the areas of shapes presented on a grid by counting squares. The resource quickly generates random shapes of different areas and perimeters, and illustrates that shapes of the same area can have different perimeters.
  • The activity automatically records how successfully the questions are answered. A score based on the number of attempts a student makes can be shown in a pop-up window.
  • The Learner tab, which can easily be accessed from the Activity screen, provides detailed and useful information about completing the activity effectively.
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  • Mathematics

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