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This is a six-page HTML resource about solving problems concerning rounding. It contains one video and eight questions, four of which are interactive. The resource discusses and explains solving problems with rounding of decimals to reinforce students' understanding.

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  • This resource is valuable for students who are learning or revising rounding and multiplication of decimals. The resource is specifically designed to aid students' understanding of rounding and estimation.
  • It is also most useful in relation to the year 7 content description in the mathematics curriculum that refers to rounding decimals to a specified number of decimal places, and to the content description that refers to multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals using efficient written strategies and digital technologies.
  • The resource may be useful in helping students achieve that element of the year 7 achievement standard referring to solving problems involving percentages and all four operations with fractions and decimals. It may also be relevant in relation to the learning continuum of the numeracy general capability that includes choosing and using a range of strategies (including mental and written strategies and digital technologies) in calculations to solve complex problems in authentic situations
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  • Mathematics

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