Learning objects Hundreds, tens and units

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This is an interactive resource that represents numbers visually as groups of hundreds, tens and units. It can be used to count numbers by partitioning them based on place value, or to represent numbers by building them from grids of hundreds, tens and units. The numerals matching the visual representations can be visible or hidden. The 'instructions' button links to suggested ways in which teachers can use this resource in a classroom.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This interactive resource is very useful for helping students to partition two- and three-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and units, and to link a visual representation with a number written in numerals. The resource can be used to consolidate the idea of place value as there is a clear visual link between the grids of hundreds, tens and units, and the numerals.
  • This interactive resource is useful for the Australian Curriculum content description in year 1 mathematics about counting collections by partitioning numbers using place value.
Year level

1; 2

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  • Mathematics

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