Text Ancient China: geography - how Nu Gua created human beings

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This is an animated text accompanied by notes that recounts two myths about the goddess Nu Gua and the Yellow River. The first describes how Nu Gua created human beings, first by making models of the gods from the yellow clay of the river to create the rich and fortunate, and then by flicking droplets of clay to create the poor and unlucky. The second myth is about how Nu Gua was venerated for saving the world from a great flood by creating dams and lakes to control the river, and for urging the legendary Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, to look after the people better.

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  • This is a useful resource for the China option in the Asian world depth study in the year 7 history curriculum, particularly the study's content descriptions about the significant beliefs of Chinese society, and the physical features of China and how they influenced the civilisation that developed there. The creation and flood myths highlight the importance of the Yellow River basin as a centre of civilisation in ancient China, and the catastrophic effect of the river's floods.
  • The resource may contribute to students attaining those elements of the year 7 history achievement standard that refer to describing events and developments from the perspective of different people who lived at the time; identifying and selecting a range of sources; and locating, comparing and using information to answer inquiry questions.
  • It may also be relevant for the Asia cross-curriculum priority, especially its organising idea about the contribution of the people of Asia to world history.
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