Learning objects Converting decimals to percentages

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This interactive resource consists of a series of questions about converting decimals into percentages. The viewer is required to convert a decimal number into a percentage and enter the answer in a window on the screen. The answer can be checked and, if correct, the viewer moves to the next question. Help is available in the form of a hint, which shows the next step in the calculation, and in a link to a video that explains percentages. If required, the complete solution, showing two strategies for arriving at the answer, can be displayed.

Educational details

Educational value
  • The resource provides a useful and reusable set of questions for practising converting decimals into percentages. The immediate feedback and the hints allow students to use the resource independently.
  • This resource is useful for the Australian Curriculum mathematics content description and the element of the achievement standard in year 7 about converting and using decimals and percentages.
  • The access to hints and a video explanation make the resource suitable for students who are experiencing difficulties with the conversion process.
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  • Mathematics

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