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This is a website about how the Hubble telescope has contributed to advances in scientific knowledge. The website has extensive information about the development and technology of the telescope, as well as how it works and the scientific achievements made by it. There is a gallery containing 3-D images, movies and wallpapers of Hubble's images. Links to the most recent news information on the Hubble and a section on future development of the telescope are available.

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  • This is a valuable resource for year 7 science in the Australian Curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content description referring to scientific knowledge changing as new evidence becomes available. The 'Newscenter' and 'The future: Webb telescope' sections of the website contain the latest images and information gathered from the Hubble telescope and other instruments. Students can read about what this means for scientific advancement and how our understandings of astronomy have changed as new information has become available.
  • It is also relevant for the content description referring to scientific discoveries changing people's understanding of the world. The website provides detailed information about the contributions that the Hubble telescope has made to advancing scientific knowledge of the universe, including Hubble's images of never-before-seen black holes, cosmic collisions and of the edge of the known universe. Students are able to view these images and videos and read about how they have informed science.
  • The resource has particular value for students in the upper primary and lower secondary years of schooling who are having difficulty grasping the concept of the way scientific knowledge changes as new evidence becomes available. The Future: Webb Telescope section of the website details future development plans for the telescope including what science hopes to gain from this advancement in technology. This insight enables students to understand what science does not know at this point in time and what may be captured or discovered as the new Webb telescope is developed.
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