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Text Clouds: clouds influence the weather

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This is a website about studying the weather. It includes real-time weather monitoring, innovative technologies in monitoring weather, online guides, metrology modules, project and classroom activities and archives of case studies from memorable weather events. There are a number of weather topics explored including clouds and precipitation, weather forecasting, air masses and fronts, El Nino, hydrologic cycles and light and optics. The website was developed and is managed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The information provided on this website relates to weather in the USA.

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Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for year 10 science in the Australian Curriculum. It is relevant for the content description referring to how global systems rely on interactions involving the hydrosphere and atmosphere. The section on clouds provides detailed information relating to the hydrosphere and the section on light and optics details how atmospheric optics or rainbows, sunsets and halos occur in the atmosphere.
  • The resource has particular value for students in the upper secondary years who are having difficulty understanding the concepts of the Earth's spheres and global cycles. The information provided in this website uses appropriate language for this year level, is presented in small sections to assist understanding and provides written definitions and visual examples of the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the hydrologic or water cycle.
  • The resource can contribute to students attaining elements of the year 10 science achievement standard that refer to students describing and analysing interactions and cycles within and between the Earth's spheres. There is a comprehensive section on the hydrologic cycle or water cycle. The water cycle is described in text and graphically, enabling students to see the distribution of water across the oceans, lands and atmosphere.
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