Text Bushfire education: weather part 1

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This is a downloadable task sheet that looks at the effect of weather on bushfires, with tasks such as analysing temperature tables, interpreting articles, and summarising information about weather conditions at the time of the Black Friday and Ash Wednesday bushfires. Students draw conclusions about the elements of weather that contribute to increased fire danger and interpret a diagram to explain how spot fires start ahead of the head of the fire. Then they are asked to explain how wind changes pose a danger to firefighters and residents in fire-affected areas. This resource is part of the Bushfire Education website developed by Education Services Australia on behalf of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

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  • This is a useful resource for the Landforms and landscapes unit of study in year 8 geography. It is of particular use for the content description in Geographical Knowledge and Understanding referring to the causes and impacts of landscape hazards such as bushfires.
  • This resource is useful for the content descriptions in year 8 Geographical Inquiry and Skills referring to evaluating primary and secondary data and differentiating between quantitative and qualitative data. It is also useful for presenting conclusions as reasoned arguments, using a range of communication forms and digital technologies, and using correct terminology.
  • The resource can contribute to students attaining those elements of the achievement standard in year 8 geography referring to describing measures used for landscape protection and hazard mitigation. It also looks at identifying, collecting and using sources of primary and secondary data and interpreting maps to analyse spatial patterns; and presenting reasoned conclusions and exploring different perspectives using a range of texts.
  • The resource supports the general capability of Critical and creative thinking.
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  • Geography
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

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