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This is an online resource about current earthquake activity in Australia and the wider region. The resource provides a map and a satellite image of near real-time earthquake activity in the last seven days. Links on the map provide further details and information about individual earthquake events. The resource also contains important information, facts, images and diagrams in seven additional sections: Earthquake activity; About earthquakes; Earthquake hazard; Earthquake monitoring; Emergency management; Significant earthquakes; and Key contacts.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a highly valuable resource for the Landforms and landscapes unit of study in year 8 geography. The resource is relevant for the unit's content description referring to geomorphic and landscape hazards. The About earthquakes and Earthquake hazard sections of the resource detail the causes of earthquakes and the hazards and risks that earthquakes cause in and around Australia.
  • The resource is also relevant for the year 8 geography content description referring to recording and representing data using information and communication technologies. The interactive map is useful as it displays map and satellite images and provides rich data about recent earthquake activity.
  • The resource is also relevant for the year 9 science curriculum, in particular the content description referring to the theory of plate tectonics. The About earthquakes section of the resource provides an image gallery and information about what an earthquake is, the causes of earthquakes, where they occur and historical events.
  • The resource may contribute to students attaining those elements of the year 8 geography achievement standard that refer to students interpreting, analysing and drawing conclusions from primary and secondary sources. The interactive map allows students to view up-to-date data about recent earthquake events.
  • The resource may contribute to students attaining those elements of the year 9 science achievement standard that refer to students explaining global events in relation to geological processes and timescales. The information provided from links from the interactive map is useful here.
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6; 7; 8; 9

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  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Geography
  • Science

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