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This is an online resource about risk and impact analysis for geoscience hazards such as bushfire, cyclone, earthquake and severe weather conditions. It contains five sections: What is risk? What is exposure? What is vulnerability? How can we use risk models? and Difference between hazard and risk. Each section provides important information and diagrams. Links in the right-hand menu provide additional information and resources including maps, data and applications, publications and websites about risk and impact analysis.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the Landforms and landscapes unit of study in year 8 geography. It is highly relevant for the unit's content description referring to the causes and impacts of geomorphic hazards. The information provided in the What is vulnerability? section of the resource is particularly relevant here as it contains information about the physical impacts, social impacts and economic losses caused by geomorphic hazards.
  • The resource may contribute to students attaining those elements of the year 8 geography achievement standard that refer to students describing how environmental and human processes contribute to change in environments. The How can we use risk models? section of the resource provides some relevant information here. The description of the way risk models can be used to improve forecasting and decrease the impact of a hazardous event is particularly useful.
  • The resource may also be useful for the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority referring to actions for a more sustainable future reflecting values of care, respect and responsibility, and requiring us to explore and understand environments. The What is vulnerability? section of the resource is useful here. It provides information about risk research for the improvement of risk decision-making and management of natural hazards from a physical (including environmental), social and economic perspective.
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