Video Max Meldrum: 'Poland (Madame de Tarczynska)', 1917

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This resource includes an enlargeable image, with corresponding catalogue information, of the painting 'Poland (Madame de Tarczynska)' by Max Meldrum (1875-1955). There is also a video with audio commentary on the artist's career and an interpretation of the artwork. Onscreen text provides additional information about the subject and Meldrum's career. The figurative painting is exemplary of Meldrum's theory on visual perception, particularly his use of colour and tonality to create form.

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Educational value
  • This is a resource of great value for the Responding strand of the Visual arts curriculum in years 9 and 10, especially for content descriptions that may refer to students responding to the visual arts works of Australian artists and considering the broader historical and cultural contexts and significance of their work. The resource gives students the opportunity to examine the painting closely and to read and listen to a senior curator's response to the work.
  • The resource can be used to develop knowledge and understanding of Australian art, particularly the contributions of two-dimensional artists in the modern era. Learners could make connections between their own and other artist' works.
  • 'Poland (Madame de Tarczynska)' is significant because it exemplifies Max Meldrum's representation of the figure using only colour and tone. He worked quickly to capture the movement of the dancer and her figurative structure. As described in the soundtrack and text on screen, Meldrum established a painting school in Melbourne where he influenced many artists of the modern era with his theory that painting was a science based on the optical illusion of tone and tonal relationships.
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9; 10

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