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This is a 26-page fact sheet that provides a comprehensive overview of migration to Australia from the first arrival of humans to 2006. It includes details about the major waves of international and internal migration, key events and policies, and individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to the development of Australia, all grouped into chronological periods. Each section also contains an image relevant to that period. It is produced by the NSW Migration Heritage Centre.

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Educational value
  • This resource is of great value in targeting the year 8 geography content description about the reasons for and effect of international migration, and the year 10 history content descriptions about the waves of migration and impact of policies on migration patterns. It includes descriptions of many of the major waves of migration from the first arrival of humans more than 50,000 years ago through to modern times. It identifies the reasons for these migrations including international events and Australian policies and programs. It also describes the effect of internal and international migration on population distribution.
  • This resource is of great value in targeting the year 10 history content descriptions about the contribution of migration to the changing identity of Australia. It describes the contributions of migrants to nation-building activities such as the expansion of settlement and land cultivation, the development of new industries and the creation of political and social organisations such as trade unions. It also explains the contribution of migrants to Australia's changing identity, from separate colonies to an independent multicultural nation.
  • This resource is of some value in targeting the history content descriptions about the impacts of the movements of peoples and about the expansion of settlement, including its effects on Indigenous Australians during the period from 1750 to 1918. The impact of expanding settlement and internal migration on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is addressed on a number of occasions, and one section provides a description of the policy of 'Protection' for Aboriginal people.
  • This resource is of substantial value in contributing to students attaining the achievement standards in year 9 and year 10 history. The fact sheet includes descriptions of numerous key events in Australian history and highlights the actions of individuals and groups that have contributed to the development of Australia and to patterns of continuity and change. It also identifies the causes and effects of a range of international events and domestic and international policies.
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9; 10

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  • History
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

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  • 'Packing To Leave: Migration Stories from South Asia to Sydney’ (online). Available www.migrationheritage.nsw.gov.au Curator and exhibition text by Vandana Ram for NSW Migration Heritage Centre. Crown copyright 2007 © NSW Migration Heritage Centre, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum, Sydney). You may use and reproduce the material free of charge for non-commercial educational purposes provided you retain all acknowledgements.