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This rich resource is a Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) web page that provides data for rainfall, temperature, weather and climate and solar exposure recorded by weather stations around Australia. The user can access observations and statistics by entering a weather station number, or by using text or an interactive map to search for a particular station. Selecting a station displays daily or monthly data recorded by that station for the chosen year, with an option to view the statistics as graphs. There are links to About Climate Data Online, How to get data - FAQs, and Technical Help.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource that supports the Water in the world unit of study in year 7 Geographical Knowledge and Understanding, particularly the content description that refers to the quantity and variability of Australia's water resources.
  • This resource would be useful for the content descriptions in Geographical Inquiry and Skills that refer to: collecting and organising geographical information from secondary sources and evaluating the information for its reliability and usefulness; and interpreting and analysing geographical information to identify spatial associations, and explain patterns, trends and relationships.
  • This resource can contribute to students attaining those elements of the achievement standard in year 7 geography that refer to collecting, interpreting and analysing geographical information from a range of sources.
  • This resource supports the general capability of Information and communication technology (ICT).
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