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Teacher guide Protecting the habitat of the manatee and the loggerhead turtle

TLF ID M012737

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and student activities about the effects of environmental features and land use on the comfort, safety and health of manatees and loggerhead turtles in Belize. The resource has seven tabs, six of which are relevant. The first four set out the steps in the suggested pedagogical sequence and include students listening to a storybook, comparing the rainforest environment to their own homes and ordering differently scaled maps. The sixth provides an assessment rubric while the seventh provides links to 20 resources, including species profiles and a slide show.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource is of great value in targeting both the year 1 science content description about how the needs of living things are met in the places they live, and the sustainability cross-curriculum priority, particularly the organising idea that all life forms are connected through ecosystems. Students identify the habitat and diet of a range of animals, including the manatee and loggerhead turtle, and learn about threats to their survival. They listen to and discuss a story that highlights the interconnection between land use in upstream rainforests, river water quality and the wellbeing and survival of manatees in coastal ecosystems.
  • This resource is of substantial value in targeting the year 1 geography content descriptions about the features of places and the location of these places and features, and about responding to questions about places. Student activities include mapping the school grounds and identifying places where they feel most comfortable, safe and healthy, and describing to others what they think the manatee and the loggerhead need to be comfortable, healthy and safe.
  • This resource is also of substantial value in targeting the year 1 geography content description about the changing features of places. In step 2 students discuss changes in their neighbourhoods that may have altered the way they play or affected their comfort and safety. The online storybook highlights the way in which changes in land use can affect the health of the natural environment.
  • This resource is of some value in targeting the content description about the collection of geographical information from a range of sources. Students will gather geographical information about Belize from an online slide show and storybook and from teacher-sourced maps.
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