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Teacher guide Birds and coffee

TLF ID M012741

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and student activities that support an investigation into the impact of different coffee production methods on biodiversity and, in particular, on migratory birds. The resource has seven tabs, six of which are relevant. The first four tabs set out the suggested pedagogical sequence. They include the teacher explaining bird migration and coffee-growing practices, and students simulating the consequences of deforestation on the migration of birds, creating scale maps of migratory paths, investigating the method by which local coffee is produced, and creating brochures that promote more sustainable growing methods. The seventh tab includes supporting resources such as a slide show about El Salvador, a storybook and species profiles.

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Educational value
  • This resource is of great value in targeting the year 4 geography content descriptions about the importance of environments to animals and people and the significance of vegetation to the environment, people and sustainability, as well as the year 4 science content description about the dependence of living things on the environment for survival. Teachers can make use of a reference article to compare the environmental consequences of coffee farming that leaves some rainforest intact, with the 'full-sun' farming method in which rainforest trees are removed. Student activities include simulating the impact of deforestation on migratory birds and explaining the importance of conserving the rainforest habitat for migratory birds and people.
  • This resource is also of great value in targeting the year 4 geography content description about presenting information in a range of forms using geographical terminology, and the year 4 science content description about communicating ideas and discoveries in a variety of ways. Student activities include the creation of maps of bird migratory paths and the production of brochures that highlight the importance of sourcing coffee from sustainable farming practices.
  • This resource may be of some use in targeting the content description about the location of the major countries of Africa and South America and the types of natural vegetation and animals in those countries.
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