Teacher guide Tet: let's get ready to celebrate

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This is a teaching activity that explores the celebration of New Year in Vietnam (Tet Nguyen Dan). Included in the resource is an enlargable image, inquiry questions, suggested lesson materials, student activities and information about the importance of the full moon at New Year. There is a poster design extension activity and related hyperlinks to further resources. The lesson also explores the relationship between Tet and the expectation of good manners and behaviours. This resource is part of a series from the Asia Society that explores historical and cultural aspects of Asia.

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  • This resource contributes to students attaining the achievement standard in year 3 history, especially in relation to the content description about celebrations around the world. It enables students to start exploring how the Vietnamese people celebrate New Year, in the past and today, and the significance of the festival to Vietnamese culture.
  • The resource contributes to the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's relationship with Asia as it enables students to develop an understanding of significant events and celebrations of the diverse peoples of Asia.
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