Teacher guide China and globalisation

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This is a website that focuses on the teaching of elementary Chinese language through six units that are populated with teaching and assessment ideas, historical and contemporary information, still images, video content, downloadable worksheets, hyperlinks to further resources and Chinese language flash cards. The six units - Tea time, Markets of the past and presen, Wenji's choice, Icecream mooncakes, All the rage, Tang dynastic fashion and The global exchange of products - provide evidence of China's engagement with globalisation over time.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for students to learn elementary Chinese script and language. It is particularly relevant for the interrelationship between language, world history, current affairs and culture. Each of the six units provide teaching strategies and practice learning experiences that include questions and responses in Chinese script. It is particularly relevant for the years 7 and 8 Chinese languages content descriptions about identity, language systems, information gathering and cultural relationships.
  • The resource contributes to students attaining the achievement standards in years 7 and 9 history. It supports students furthering their understanding and knowledge of China's contact with other countries, particularly through trade, conflict, beliefs, social and cultural ideas and innovations. Every unit of the China and globalisation website provides a framework for teaching and learning that promotes comparing how the past influences the present and the future. There is important archival video content and interviews with experts that serve as first- and secondhand sources of information.
  • It is also relevant to the cross-curriculum priority Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, particularly the second, third and fifth organising ideas, including that interrelationships between human endeavours, communal productivity and diverse environments in Asia shape the region and have global implications. The six units provide a variety of perspectives to engage students and their critical thinking about these ideas.
  • The resource may be of some use in relation to the intercultural understanding general capability. There are references, images and links to traditional and contemporary Chinese culture, beliefs and values.
Year level

7; 8; 9

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  • History
  • Languages
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Languages other than English

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