Text Ramayana: an introduction to the great Indian epic

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This is a resource that provides detailed information about the epic story Ramayana, with an enlargeable image and hyperlinks to further resources. Below the information there is space for readers to comment and contribute to a discussion about the story. Ramayana is a most important Hindu story from southern and south-eastern Asia about the relationship between Rama and Sita. The Sanskrit story originated in India in 200 BC, but over the centuries of storytelling it has slightly changed from era to era and from place to place.

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  • The resource is valuable for supporting the year 7 content description in English, as it is a good example of a historical and cultural text that conveys literal and implied information. Students are introduced to a significant Hindu epic, the story of Rama and Sita. They can explain how the text represents Hindu beliefs, the structure of the story and the characters, and evaluate how it relates to varying audiences over time and in various cultural contexts.
  • The resource is of considerable use for the content description in the year 7 history India depth study that refers to the values, practices and customs of Indian society. The epic story contributes to students' understanding about how stories of individuals play significant roles in the establishment of community beliefs and values.
  • It is also relevant to the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, particularly the first organising idea that people in Asia come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, traditions and cultures. The story of the resource teaches about overcoming life's obstacles. Its moral is central to Hindu beliefs and values.
  • The resource may be of some use in relation to the literacy general capability. Students can identify and analyse the essential elements of effective storytelling. They can develop knowledge, skills and dispositions to interpret the impact of the epic story in the establishment of Hinduism.
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