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This is a geographical picture quiz asking users to identify 20 well-known sites in Asia. The quiz uses images from Google Earth, each accompanied by a question so that the viewer can try to work out its location. Each photograph is a remote satellite image revealing only the patterns of the Earth as clues to the location's whereabouts. There is introductory information for the quiz and a link to the answers. Each image is hyperlinked to a larger map image of the location.

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  • This resource is of considerable value for year 6 geography, particularly the content description asking students to correlate the incomes, health and energy consumption of people to geographical diversity in the Asian region. The resource provides an opportunity for students to study the landscape and development of different sites in Asia and compare how the people of each region live.
  • Although demanding, the quiz is of use for both teachers and students as one way of assessing students' progress in relation to the year 6 achievement standard, particularly the part that refers to students describing the diverse environmental characteristics of places at different scales and contexts. The resource can assist students to develop mapping skills, identify land features, particularly scale and contour, and appreciate the uniqueness of various locations in Asia.
  • The resource contributes to the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's relationship with Asia, as it provides evidence of the interrelationships between humans and the diverse environments in Asia and how they shape the region and have global implications. The images within the quiz provide significant content to compare and contrast environments in Asia.
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