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This is a digital version of a chapter from a textbook about different types of energy transformations. The resource discusses and provides everyday examples of changing energy from one form to another, the law of conservation of energy and the efficiency of energy transformations. Short practical activities are described throughout the chapter and extended practical activities are provided at the end. Review questions, requiring recall, understanding, application and analysis, are included at the conclusion of the chapter.

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  • This resource is very useful for the Australian Curriculum content description in year 8 science about different forms of energy, including kinetic and potential energy, and changes of energy within systems. It provides clear explanations, colourful diagrams and relevant and accessible examples of energy transformations.
  • The resource can contribute to students attaining the element of the year 8 achievement standard about identifying different forms of energy and energy transformations in systems. The grouping of review questions is useful for checking students' comprehension of the content of the chapter and for gauging their depth of understanding of the concepts associated with energy transformations.
  • The practical activities at the end of the resource could provide useful practice in recording and analysing the results of experimental investigations.
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