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This is a resource that focuses on video interviews with artists and staff at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), featuring teenagers as interviewees. Specific sections of each video can be located through browsing a hierarchy of Interview (subject and title), Topic and Question. This resource features interviews with Pixar's Ralph Eggleston, and with MoMA Art Curators, Paola Antonelli and Joachim Pissarro.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the Media Arts curriculum for the lower to middle secondary years. It is particularly relevant to content descriptions in the Responding strand that emphasise the broader contexts of artworks; such as the social, cultural and historical context and the role of the artist and of the audience. The interviews provide an insight into art through a range of questions and perspectives.
  • This resource has pedagogical value for the Media Arts curriculum. The interview questions have been devised by teenagers for a teenage audience, and include a range of diverse questions. The questions reveal more about artists and artworks, and can be filtered to locate specific topics and questions. The videos have also been edited to include close-ups of artworks and provide a closer look at the exhibits relevant to the interviews.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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  • The Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Media Arts

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