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Learning objects Difference Differently: beliefs, then and now

TLF ID M013278

This is a resource with four related sets of student activities that explore the role and legacy of religion and belief in historic societies. It explores sacred texts and religious events in different societies and time periods. It also uses historic source material about Jerusalem to explore religious conflict, and highlights strategies to overcome tensions caused by difference of belief. The resource concludes with a contemporary analysis of religion today. It includes video, quizzes, writing and reflection tasks, discussion questions and links to a teacher guide.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource has relevance to the all the depth studies in years 7 and 8 that focus on particular societies, as it explores belief systems and the significance of religion across societies. Its broad approach means it is also useful for the overview at both year levels. The first two activities are particularly useful for the content descriptions that focus on religious practices, including death and funerary customs, and roles in society. The third activity explores religious conflict relating to Jerusalem and is useful for the year 9 depth studies exploring the Western and Islamic World.
  • It also has considerable relevance to the general capability of intercultural understanding. All the activities explore differing religious belief systems so are particularly relevant to the first element about recognising culture. The third activity also explores how people can manage relationships when they have conflicting beliefs, so it is very useful for the second and third elements as well. This activity is relevant to the general capabilities of personal and social capability and ethical behaviour.
Year level

7; 8

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  • History

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