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This is a learning object that explores Chinese food and drink through the context of preparations for a party, from shopping for food, how it is grown, prepared and cooked, through to eating. The resource offers two audio tours of its eight locations, narrated by two Chinese teenagers in Chinese, supported by simplified characters and pinyin text. Each location contains bilingual information and bilingual captioned images, which can be saved to a tool known as a backpack, and a vocabulary list in simplified characters with pinyin and audio.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the Communicating and Understanding strands for years 5 to 8 in the Chinese second language learners' pathway. It is particularly relevant for identifying and collecting key information on Chinese food, eating and celebration in diverse formats using a range of tools. The resource also helps students to investigate aspects of values in Chinese society. It assists student to apply their understanding of Chinese language and culture to reflect on how to balance their own cultural values and norms with those of Chinese speakers.
  • The resource is also extremely useful for supporting students' understanding of how variables in relationships between participants and changes in settings impact on language use. It assists students to identify examples of Chinese language used when shopping, eating and celebrating. The resource also aids students to reflect on and compare how communication is shaped by location.
  • It is also relevant to the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia cross-curriculum priority, particularly in relation to peoples and countries of Asia being diverse in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions.
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5; 6; 7; 8

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  • Languages
  • Languages other than English

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