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This unit of work focuses on the Popular cutlure depth study in the the year 10 History curriculum, focusing primarily on popular music in Australia from 1945 to the present day. The unit draws on a range of online music, cultural collections and affiliated web resources to help students discover the how music shaped Australia's cultural identity. In includes a comprehensive history of popular music post World War II and concludes with a range of assessment tasks including an essay and oral history project. Each task includes detailed guidelines and assessment criteria to be used by the educator. The resource is part of the AC History units website.

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  • This unit is of value to the Popular culture depth study in the year 10 History curriculum. It develops student's historical knowledge and understanding through the exploration of the role of music in Australian popular culture, describing the evolution of music after World War II. Students examine the impact of international music trends such as The Beatles and influences of local bands such as The Easybeats. They also consider Australia's contribution to the music industry in this period and the role of film and television in popularising music.
  • Students develop their historical thinking skills by assessing sources for their usefulness, analysing historical images and responding to historical themes across a range of writing styles such as essays, letters and biographies. They construct a timeline of musical influences and evaluate a range of interviews and accounts on the emergence of rock and roll. Students develop their questioning and interview skills by participating in a project where they interview older members of their community on their memories of popular music growing up.
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