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Learning objects Difference Differently: stories about difference

TLF ID M013364

This is a resource with three related sets of student activities that explore social inclusion and exclusion. It uses traditional and personal stories to explore the reasons for and implications of social exclusion and discrimination. It also looks at how language used in texts can include or exclude different viewers. It includes videos, stories, writing and reflection tasks, discussion questions and links to a teacher guide.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the three strands of English at years 3 and 4, particularly the Literature and Literacy strands. As the resource presents and seeks responses to several stories about social exclusion, it is particularly useful for the Literature content descriptions at both year levels in the responding to literature and creating literature areas where texts are related to personal experiences. It is also valuable for the Literacy content descriptions at both years that focus on using comprehension strategies, as the resource activities require analysis and interpretation of stories and, in the third activity, making language choices to change the impact of a story.
  • It has considerable value for the general capability of intercultural understanding. All three resource activities explore social exclusion based on prejudice, so are extremely useful for the third organising element about intercultural experiences and taking responsibility. The stories presented in the first two activities are effective at evoking empathy, so these activities are valuable for the second organising element also. As the activities all raise awareness of personal behaviours and perspectives, this resource has relevance to the general capabilities of ethical behaviour and personal and social capability.
Year level

3; 4

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  • English

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