Teacher guide Peace building

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This is a compilation of six teaching sequences about peace building. It includes sections on what peace means; conflict resolution; difference; diversity; discrimination; human rights; peace building; and children in other places and their experiences of peace and conflict. The stories and photo essays that feature children in other places and their experiences of conflict describe similarities and differences between people. It also includes stories, digital photo essays and a case study.

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Educational value
  • This resource is of value for inquiry in the year 6 Geography curriculum. It is relevant to the content descriptions about the world's cultural diversity, including the diversity of the world's Indigenous Peoples and the connections Australia has with other countries and the changes these connections are making to places. The investigation of children in Sierra Leone and their experiences of peace education and its community impacts also contribute to inclusion of the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority.
  • The resource contributes to students attaining the achievement standard for year 6 Geography. It helps them describe the diverse human characteristics of a range of places.
  • This resource is also relevant to the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority, particularly the organizing idea that sustainable futures result from actions designed to preserve and/or restore the quality and uniqueness of environments. The case study describes a project that has helped schools in Sierra Leone play a key part in peace building after their country experienced a decade of civil war.
  • The resource may be of some use in relation to the intercultural understanding general capability. There are resources and links to diverse peoples.
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3; 4; 5; 6

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