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Teacher guide Malaria - preventable and treatable?

TLF ID M013713

This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about the symptoms, treatment and preventative measures associated with malaria. It introduces this health issue and provides ideas and activities for classroom use. It uses spatial technologies and other digital resources including an interactive quiz, games, maps, animations and videos to engage students in processing, analysing and interpreting geographical data and information.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the geographies of human wellbeing unit of study in the year 10 geography curriculum. It integrates population and economic geography to examine inequalities in human development and welfare at the global level. It is particularly relevant for the content descriptions relating to understanding of and responses to contemporary geographical issues. It builds geographical understandings about the reasons for and consequences of spatial variations in human wellbeing globally. It explores the role of governments, non-government organisations and community-based self-help initiatives in improving human wellbeing in countries.
  • The resource contributes to students attaining the achievement standard in year 10 geography. It helps them explain the causes and effects of malaria in different places. It assists them process, analyse and interpret geographical data and information, using spatial technologies and other digital techniques and develop reasoned arguments based on evidence to support conclusions.
  • It is also relevant to the sustainability cross-curriculum priority, particularly the third organising idea that sustainable patterns of living rely on the interdependence of healthy social, economic and ecological systems.
  • The resource may be of some use in relation to the intercultural understanding general capability. There are digital resources and links to diverse places, peoples, cultures and issues.
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