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This is a resource for teachers about students conducting an investigation to compare two cups of tea, one made from solar-heated water and the other made from boiling water. The resource provides a summary of the student investigation and a link to a lesson plan. The lesson plan includes: student learning objectives; materials for the lesson; background information about solar energy; the procedure for the experiment; questions for comparing the two sample cups of tea; and further activities.

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Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for the year 3 science curriculum. It is relevant for the content description referring to how heat can be produced in different ways and how it can move from one object to another. The background information section of the lesson plan provides relevant information about how the Sun's radiation, as heat, can be captured and used to brew tea. The part of the investigation in which students place a cup with a teabag immersed in water in the Sun provides an opportunity for students to use solar energy to heat water and brew tea.
  • It is also relevant for the content description referring to students safely using appropriate materials, tools or equipment to make and record observations. The Procedure section of the resource is relevant here. It provides the instructions and equipment needed to carry out the investigation and questions to use when recording observations throughout the investigation.
  • The resource is especially valuable for sustainability cross-curriculum priority.
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